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The Walter B. Potter Sr. Conference

Reynolds Journalism Institute
University of Missouri School of Journalism
Columbia, Missouri
April 14 – 15, 2016

You’ve only got so much time and money, right?

You don’t believe you can afford to chase every opportunity that’s out there. And even if you could, you’re not sure you or your team would know how to do so in an efficient, effective manner.

Plan now to join your peers Thursday and Friday, April 14 and 15, at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute on the beautiful campus of the University of Missouri. You’ll learn how community news organizations – weeklies, small dailies, and their websites – went from overwhelmed to overjoyed as they successfully tackled new opportunities.

You’ll have the opportunity to not only learn the basics of social media, but actually build a page for your organization.

You’ll find out how a family-owned group of weeklies brought in $400,000 in business in just 10 days. Does that get your attention? Want more? Save your spot and register today. It’s free.

One hotel night on us

We’re offering to pay for one hotel room the night of April 14 for up to 40 organizations (one room per organization registered before March 31). See the travel page for more details.

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